HRMS Musical 2015-2016 - HONK! Jr.

Auditions are October 5 and 6!  Check outside room 235 for your assigned audition time.  Make sure that you prepare ahead of time!

CHORUS:  Prepare the song, and you will learn a quick dance after singing.

LEAD AUDITIONS: Prepare the song and monologue, and you will learn a quick dance after singing.

The audition practice files are found by clicking on the WEB LINKS below.  There are TWO versions of the song.  The first is the demonstration recording, WITH VOCALS.  The second, ACCOMPANIMENT ONLY, is the file you will actually sing with at your audition!

Remember to make your performance emotional, use your acting skills while you sing, and try to memorize the words -you will sing more freely and confidently if you do!

Please prepare the first 14 measures of the song (up until the word "sad").

Audition Practice file - WITH VOCALS