Resources and Apps

iTunes App Store

 GarageBand FREE
 A tool that allows you to compose and record your own songs - a must have for young songwriters!
 A metronome helps you to keep your tempo steady.  Don't pay for a metronome app - there are many good free apps available.

 Music Tutor Free       
Practice music reading skills with a quick 5 or 10 minute game!
 Noteworks Free
 Practice identifying notes, piano keys, and improve your sight reading skills, using a fun colorful game.
 iLovePiano Free    
 Build your score by identifying keys and notes, and other basics.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Google Play Store

 Music Theory - Chords in Keys  
 Practice building chords in a variety of keys.  Essential for playing pop songs!
 Music Theory Quiz    
 Play against your friends and earn trophies by answering 20 levels of music theory questions.