Course Philosophy

The goal of choral singing is to make music together.  Singing in a choir can be a transformative experience, with students and conductor working as a team to create something beautiful.  Singing in a school choir can help you to become a more independent musician, a stronger singer, and a more confident student.

During the year, we will explore the following objectives and questions together:

Course Objectives -  At the end of the year:

·         Students will be able to sing (alone, in small ensembles, and with the large ensemble) using appropriate vocal techniques

·         Students will demonstrate, through performance, musical and vocal concepts such as breathing, posture, registration, and musicianship.

·         Students will perform a variety of musical styles and genres, in class and in concert, connecting the repertoire to concepts from other disciplines,                 their own lives, and their community.

·         Students will read, interpret, and perform rhythmic and pitch notation using a variety of methods, especially hand sign solfege.

·         Students will read and interpret music symbols related to dynamics, tempo, articulation, etc.


Essential Questions:

·         What is proper vocal technique? Breath support? Posture?

·         How do we prepare our bodies for singing, and why is this important?

·         How do we use solfege and syllables to decode music, and how does this help in performing repertoire?

·         How does our repertoire connect to other subjects, topics, and your daily life?